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From tracking inventory and sales, to optimizing customer relations, we have the point-of-sale solutions for your retail business needs

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Streamline the Checkout Process

Everyone knows that long lines and slow checkouts can kill the customer experience. Streamline the process with a POS system equipped with payment-processing optimization and a suite of time-saving features such as:

  • Customizable taxes
  • Automatic discounts
  • Electronic receipt options

Interactive tablets allow customers to control their checkout, while state-of-the-art technology lets employees efficiently process transactions, discounts, and refunds with ease.

Not to mention, with features like paperless receipt distribution, you can save time and money while keeping your business green.

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Consolidate Management Systems

Managing the people and products that stock your store can leave you with a lot to juggle. However, the right point-of-sale system can mitigate your managerial duties and optimize store operations.

Handle Inventory

Advanced inventory tools track your sales and compile reports, so your supply data is available at a moment’s notice.  

Supervise Staff

Through user-management settings, you can control employee access to information and functions – like issuing refunds and discounts. Furthermore, time-clock and shift-scheduling capabilities simplify your management needs.

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Expand Your Business

When it comes to drumming up new business, let your POS system take care of the heavy-lifting. Go the extra mile in securing a stable base of clientele with integrated tools and features like:

  • Email marketing
  • Loyalty programs
  • Cart upgrades

Plus, with buyer-activity information and analytics reports, you’ll have all the tools you need to optimize your customer relations

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Optimize Your Sales Intelligence

Everybody wants to improve their business, but many struggle to do so because they lack the right set of tools. The perfect POS system for your retail needs will include a variety of integrated features that precisely track your inventory and sales.

Not only will you get up-to-the-minute records of your transaction history, but you’ll receive analytics reports to help you achieve optimal store performance.

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Keep Your Business By Your Side

Through cloud-based POS systems, you can access the details of your store’s performance anywhere, anytime. Ensure peak operations from wherever the world takes you by checking real-time sales reports and analytics from the browser of your choice.

Plus, you can run your ship from near or far by managing back-office tasks such as:

  • Schedule maintenance
  • Time-clock management
  • Inventory & sales tracking
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Stay on the Cutting Edge of Technology

Keep your business up-to-date with the modern world through high-tech, easy-to-use POS solutions.

Take Control of Your Technology

Determine which features best suit your business needs, then customize your point-of-sale system with a host of add-ons and upgrades.

Scale to Your Burgeoning Needs

As you business grows, additional stations and accompanying accessories are always just a call away.

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Integrate Your Online Store

If your brick-and-mortar operation has expanded into the digital marketplace, you need a POS system that can integrate with your ecommerce platform. 

Stop breaking your back juggling physical and virtual store locations when you can manage inventory and sales in real-time from a single system. 

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Why PayMotile?

"PayMotile has helped us out tremendously with our payment processing. They were able to provide us with a total of three merchant accounts, each of which help secure our business's current and future needs. We can now accept payments internationally as well as here in the US, and we don’t have to worry about processing limits anymore! Our experience has been very positive, and I am extremely satisfied with their work."

"We were unexpectedly shut down by PayPal because of the specific products we offer and sell. My sales representative at PayMotile worked with me to help ensure we could still get a merchant account. We have been successfully processing now for 14 months. The team members at Motile were informative, professional and most importantly – they were able to provide us with the credit card services we needed to save our business."

"PayMotile moved quickly and professionally in assessing our payment needs. Pricing was easy to understand and the service was excellent."

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