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Do you run an MSB and need a bank account? Contact us, fill out a 5-minute application, and get yours set up quickly with minimal documentation.

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Do you operate an MSB and need a bank account? Or are you simply looking for ways to diversify your payment processing, and facilitate the fast and easy cashing of checks?

We have multiple solutions that can get you off the ground in a hurry. Nobody wants to stress about their business getting turned down for merchant services over and over. We’d be happy to get you on the right track with instant approval and a $0 setup.

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Easy eCheck Solutions

Whether your business is in the middle of nowhere and you need an electronic solution, or you simply enjoy convenience – Motile can help your business process checks anywhere, anytime.

Check 21

Simply plug the provided check imager into your laptop, scan the front and back of a check, and you’re ready to make your mobile deposit. Check 21 makes the remote deposit of checks legal and easy.

Check Verification

Mitigate the risk of checks bouncing with automatic check verification. Get each check validated to ensure the data is good before it’s processed.

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Best-in-Industry Customer Service

It’s embarrassing how poorly merchant service providers treat members of the MSB industry. Making them jump through numerous legal hoops to simply open an account and then closing it with little notice is not uncommon.

Motile is ready to walk you through your application, efficiently take care of the necessary paperwork within 24 hours, and keep you online so you don’t need to keep going through a never-ending rolodex of payment processors.

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An All-in-One Check Cashing System

Half the battle is getting your account open so you can provide friendly cash checking services – the other half is having the proper system to handle the immediate needs of your customers. Get going with:

  • Remote Deposit Capture (RDC)
  • Day-Of Cash Advances
  • ACH, Credit & Debit Solutions
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