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Online lenders are classified by banks as “high risk” businesses. This classification means that most payment processors are afraid to take them on, and if they do they’re given a high risk merchant account designation.

We work intimately with some of the best global providers of online lender merchant accounts, and we’re prepared to open these doors for you. Regardless if you run a state licensed, choice of law, or tribal business operating in payday or installment loans – it doesn’t matter. We cover it all.

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Best Industry Rates

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This isn’t simply a marketing ploy – we know that our rates compete with any providers out there working with online lenders. We’re ready to prove it to you too.

Our exclusive connections with top guns in the high risk merchant service world allow us to get you the most bang for your buck. Get in touch, and find out how much money we can save you on your payment processing.

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Multiple Processing Avenues

Every business is unique. A payment method that works for one company won’t necessarily be effective for another – a reality that has led to the creation of new merchant processing channels across the globe.

Today, there are more ways to process transactions than ever before. For online lenders, we have solidified three effective solutions (each with best of industry rates):

  • ACH (Automated Clearing House)
  • eChecks and Check 21
  • Debit Card Processing
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Easy Application, Fast Approval

Applying for a high risk merchant account is a more rigorous process than it is for members of low-risk industries. However, we’ve managed to cut things down to the absolutely necessary elements, and the end result is an effective, easy application that will help you get vetted in no time.

Enabling online loan companies and other high risk businesses to open bank accounts is something we pride ourselves in. We’ll handle most of the footwork throughout the process (which is no problem since we’re familiar with the intricacies involved), and let you direct your energy toward more pressing matters.

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Proven Options for Tribal Lenders

Banks are skeptical of tribal lender applications, largely due to the deregulated nature of businesses operating on reservations. Since the U.S. government allows Native American tribes autonomy when it comes to business practices, it’s easy to see why banks are extra careful (or flat out refuse) to furnish native merchant services to loan companies.

Whether you’re running a tribal lending enterprise or working in tandem with one, we’ll be able to place you with a reliable provider who is ready to take on your business. Not only that, but you’ll be getting charged a lot less for processing by us than your competitors.

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Why PayMotile?

"PayMotile has helped us out tremendously with our payment processing. They were able to provide us with a total of three merchant accounts, each of which help secure our business's current and future needs. We can now accept payments internationally as well as here in the US, and we don’t have to worry about processing limits anymore! Our experience has been very positive, and I am extremely satisfied with their work."

"We were unexpectedly shut down by PayPal because of the specific products we offer and sell. My sales representative at PayMotile worked with me to help ensure we could still get a merchant account. We have been successfully processing now for 14 months. The team members at Motile were informative, professional and most importantly – they were able to provide us with the credit card services we needed to save our business."

"PayMotile moved quickly and professionally in assessing our payment needs. Pricing was easy to understand and the service was excellent."

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